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Detem- Best Periodontist In Delhi

For the last 20 years, Dentem has taken great pride in dealing kindly and safely with our patients. We have always maintained the rules and regulations in accordance with the CDC and the ADA. We strictly follow the protocol of sterilization and disinfection.
Dentem has the best periodontists in Delhi. Our philosophy, our hearing ability and our attention to detail will make your visit to the dentist an experience that is sure to meet your expectations. We ensure proper hygiene and sterilization in our clinic. We have high-tech equipment for our periodontal surgery.

Best Periodontist in Delhi

Dentem has the best periodontist in Delhi . It was founded by Dr. Tanvir Singh & Dr.(Mrs) Gunita Singh, 20 years back.

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Best dentist in Delhi

Dr Supreet Kaur Sawhney Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist. She has been working as a visiting consultant in various leading dental practices in Delhi, Gurgaon for 8 years & also works as a senior Consultant Medanta Hospital. She is the best dentist in Delhi.

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Top dentist in Delhi

Dr. Shrey has done BDS from D.j dental college ,Modinagar Uttar Pradesh. Then did MDS from Babuji dental college and hospital ,Davanagere Karnataka. He has placed over 500 Implants and is practicing all systems. He is the top dentist in Delhi

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Treatment modalities are scaling and root planing, curettage, splinting, gum surgeries, antibiotics, patient counselling.


Dental scaling is the most common procedure to treat patients with gum diseases. Scaling refers to the removal of the plaque bacteria from the tooth surface below the gum line. Root planing involves the deeper treatment of the root surfaces of the teeth so that the gums can properly attach to the tooth surface.


Mobility of teeth is a common complaint of patients which is caused by loss of supporting bone. Dental splint is an appliance designed to immobilize and stabilise mobile loose teeth.


Dental implants are the best treatment known to replace a lost tooth. It is ideal for people who maintain good oral health.



We ensure all the treatments are done without pain. You don’t need to worry about pain and be afraid of your dentist anymore.


We provide easy booking facilities to our patients. You can simply book your appointment online without any delay.

Committed to Quality

We have teamwork and a solid commitment to serve patients in an excellent manner. We are committed to quality treatment and care.

We Specialize in Minimally-Invasive Dentistry

Dentem is among the few in the area that offers a comprehensive range of minimally-invasive dental procedures.

Feedback From Happy Patients

Dentem has the best periodontist in Delhi. Our philosophy, our ability to listen and our attention to detail will make your visit at the dentist an experience that is sure to live up to your expectations. We ensure proper hygiene and sterilisation at our clinic. We have high tech instruments for our periodontal surgery.
Dentem provides the best dentists in Delhi for dental treatment. They have highly qualified dentists for different types of dental treatment. Dental team of Dentem are fine with surgeries and other treatments.
Dr. Tanvir Singh is an expert orthodontist with an experience of 20years. He is best with Clear Aligners, Invisible Ceramic Braces, Straight Wire Metal Braces,Adult Orthodontics. He is the top dentist in Delhi.

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