Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry which make your smile beautiful .
We at dentem , work closely with our patients to know their needs and design aesthetically beautiful and functionally perfect smile


Looks!!!!! Above all is the new mantra of the society that the trend has spread to dental world as well. Now visit to a dental office is no longer only pain, cosmetic dental technology is attracting all age group man and woman to achieve perfect photogenic smile. We at Dentem have highly specialized team always with new material, cutting edge technology and improved procedures are able to preserve all your natural teeth giving you beautiful yet natural smile almost non invasively. In this way the wellbeing of patients can be upheld.

Our director Dentem Dr. Gunita Singh specializes in cosmetics and lasers. Dr Tanvir Singh is orthodontist specializes in aligning crooked teeth. They along with their team in the past several years have worked so much on specially smiles that today they vouch that they can almost correct all smiles possible.

The trend started with Hollywood to bollywood, to the celebrities but today business professionals to home makers, everyone is looking for a better smile to improve confidence both in work world & out. The idea is to ensure that every one gets that perfect smile no matter what tooth defect a person may experience.

We at Dentem can make your dream of a perfect smile come true with various options to suit your style, preference & budget. Following is a quick glance on some of the popular trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Chipped teeth, staining, zoom whitening, crowns, laminates and veneers aligning the crooked smile, fix a gapped smile, correct discoloured teeth, gum contouring, smile makeover, tooth jewellery.




How much ever you are regular with brushing and flossing of your teeth, certain foods like coffee, tea and red wine do leave a mark on your teeth. Tooth discolouration can be easily treated in less than 30 minutes with the advanced zoom whitening. You can get as much as 2 to 3 shades lighter than your colour. It is safe and absolutely non invasive. It is one of the best possible/ easy cosmetic treatments. Side Effects- The teeth can be sensitive and there are some precautions which need to be taken after the treatment. But, all this lasts for only 24 hours.


It is one of the most common dental procedures. It involves non invasive composite bonding which is available in all shades and colours. We at Dentem first select the shade that matches your teeth and then build up to preserve and repair to attain the natural look using composite material which is like the enamel of your teeth.
Side effects- it does not last for long.


In certain cases, teeth whitening and composite bonding can’t help, the solution is dental veneers. It is an excellent method where porcelain veneers are attached to the teeth to repair them. Side effects- don’t last long
So we at Dentem, prefer zirconia crowns. They cap your teeth completely giving you an absolutely new natural look with the stability and warranty of 10 years.


Smile makeover is a very advanced combination of all above procedures. Wherein full mouth reconstruction is required, we, at Dentem are very specific as it is a specialized procedure and everyone does not need this, so case selection, condition of oral health and requirement of the patient is kept in mind before taking up the case. All pros and cons are discussed but once we take up the case, we are sure that patient will walk out with a healthy beautiful smile. This can do wonders to ones smile. Along with that you can even ask for fuller lips and cheeks.
We will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan design to achieve exactly what you want. We promised you look with functional value.


Invisailign or invisible braces has revolutionized the world of cosmetic dentistry since its introduction into the world of dentistry. Invisalign is gaining more popularity as compared to traditional metal braces for correcting malaligned teeth. It serves both the purpose of correcting the malaligned teeth and is made of clear transparent material, not visible to other so meets the esthetic needs of the patient during the treatment period. They are gaining more popularity among adult patients who do not want to wear bulky metal braces to their workplace or in front of their friends. Patient convenience increases as there are no metal braces or wire in their mouth and patient can remove the aligner while he /she wants to eat and enjoy the food.
*Tooth jewellery one of the trendiest options, where you walk into the clinic and walk out with a diamond on your tooth. The procedure is conducted in 10 mins and can be reversed in less than 5 mins .


Recent advances technology today in dentistry has made good dentist better but only if we are ready to invest & have full knowledge of their machines laser is one of the biggest boon in the cosmetic dentistry and Dr.Gunita, at Dentem master the art of laser.
We use diode lasers which are highly recommended for all soft tissue changes and can be easily softly performed in close proximately to gums enamel, dentine & cementum.
Zoom whitening machine by Phillips is another feather in the cap at our centre. It delivers maximum results, advanced LED lights activated technology. And variable intensity settings, excellent results in 30 mins.
Zirconia caps also called all ceramic CAD/ CAM LAVA and other options have flooded the market to give excellent results in your budget for SMILE makeover.
Invisalign braces which are a US/Germany based system have also flooded Indian market and tied up with few esteem Orthodontist like Dr Tanvir Singh at Dentem. The lists are endless and increasing everyday. Invisalign is an example of how advanced technology is; it is manufactured using digital imaging, software and 3d printing for better fitting aligners for best treatment results.


Invest in your smile, you are going to wear it everyday. There is nothing more precious than a smile today and everyone wants to look the best & achieve that smiling selfie with full confidence. Students, home, markets, women at marriageable age, youth still looking for corporate, front office jobs our 40+ naughty women who are the pulse & Delhi crowd the list is endless and all want a beautiful smile and are happy to spend and loosen their pockets for the same.
So cosmetic dentistry is at its peak today and with upcoming technology & results that we deliver at Dentem more & more people are gaining confidence to ask for new smile. My perspective is that this is just a beginning and the future is very bright scientist are working day and night and so are we dentist trying to invent many new advancement techniques and treatment and the line of cosmetic dentistry.
We hope to give everyone a perfect smile to their choice.

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