Dental stem cell banking

Dear parent, 

Did you missed the opportunity of banking the most precious stem cells off your ward at their birth ? No worries !!! You can bank them now !

Dr.Tanvir’s dental  clinic is providing the golden opportunity of banking these stem cells from the milk tooth of the children between 5-11 years of their age. Dr. Tanvir’s dental clinic in association with Mothercell – World’s Biggest dental stem cell bank, is providing the second chance to preserve these stem cells from the following 3 different sources.
1)  Milk teeth between 5-11 years
2)  Healthy premolars advised for removal  during  Orthodontic corrections
3)  Healthy wisdom tooth at young age.


1) Repair / regeneration of partially damaged / degenerated organs/ tissues
2) To address  Neurological disorders like Alzaimer, Parkinsons disease , Muscular dystrophy , cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury etc
3) Very potential for diabetes type-1, cartilage regeneration and for Ophthalmology degenerative conditions
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