Dental Tourism

In 2012, it was estimated that approximately 1.2 million Americans travelled outside of the United States to seek healthcare and 42 percent of those patients travelled abroad for dental needs. The term dental tourism may sound strange and exotic to some people; but in fact, it is a rapidly growing phenomenon Spurred on by an increasingly empowered patient base searching for quality, affordability, availability, and accessibility in dentistry. Some people have the erroneous impression that patients are flying for dental surgery to a dilapidated jungle clinic in some third world country – followed by bungee jumping. The opposite is true.


Most patients are receiving care in high-end clinics located in major urban centres and will plan their trip to allow enough time for a prudent recuperation period before heading home. Regardless of the reason, the common denominator in all dental tourism-related activities is that patients are travelling away from their home region to access these services.
Dentem has a large influx of patients especially travelling to us for their dental treatment especially aligners and dental implants.



Dentem is the leading chain of Dental and Orthodontic Clinics in Delhi with world class dental facilities. The dental & orthodontic clinics founded by Dr. Tanvir Singh & Dr. (Mrs) Gunita Singh 18 years back in the year 2000. At Dentem, we concentrate on providing complete dental experience with total dental solutions. The best choice for any one with dental needs ranging from simple as filling to as complex as surgeries. Friendly, caring and gentle dentistry by experienced professionals at every step of dental treatment.

Dr. Tanvir Singh (B.D.S, M.D.S) is a practicing Orthodontist since last 18 years. He started his career with Max Health care in 2000 and was the first one to set up the Orthodontic department for Max. Dr. Tanvir Singh has been into academics since last 16 years and has numerous research publications in various Indian and International journals for various universities.

Dr. Gunita Singh (B.D.S, M.D. DENTAL Lasers), is a practicing cosmetic and laser dental surgeon since 18 years. She is specialized in smile design and focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry with latest technologies& equipments. She did her M.D in Dental Laser from Austria in 2012. She is a pioneer in Laser cases and has a fully equipped centre for stitchless, bloodless and painless surgeries.


Friendly, warm, neat and clean ambience in your neighbourhood. Multispecialty dental practice with specialists in all fields of dentistry working on multiple chairs to reduce waiting time. Prior appointment can be taken at your convenience as per flexible working hours of clinic. Once you have visited us, your dental records will be saved in our IT system for future references, so at Dentem you do not have to remember to carry your files everytime. We focus on regular follow ups, and gentle reminders are sent you before your appointment.


Full mouth X- ray & OPG (digital), RVG are available. Blindly starting a treatment is not practiced here. We have a special facility of lateral cephalogram and a full mouth x- ray is done for your complete oral cavity. It is also done as a precautionary measure to find hidden problems in your mouth. Digital radiology is also available at out clinic. It is a high quality image which is done for minimizing the exposure to both patient and health care provider. Wating time is reduced using digital radiography and record is maintained due to the digitization. We also have OPG facility at our centre, in which in a single X -Ray gives the whole view of both the jaws, TM joints and upper & lower teeth.


Dentem provide hotel rooms for our patients who come from any city or country. We have our guest house Sundeep inn. So- hassle of finding stay is ours. You shall get at a comfortable cosy accommodation at a walking distance from the clinic & food of your choice keeping in mind your dental health.


Complete information is provided to the patient before the beginning of any treatment with help of photographs, radiographs and software’s available, which includes the duration of the treatment, the cost, all the complexity and adverse effects of the treatment (if any). Take away brochures including do’s & dont’s are given to patients after their treatment procedure is done. Treatment progress can be shown to patients using the inta- oral cameras.


5 Step sterilization method is used which includes washing instruments, cleaning with disinfectant followed by sterilization with hot air oven then packed and autoclaved. The sterile instrument pouches are kept in UV chamber. Non autoclavable instruments are disposed off after each use. Dental chair is disinfected with disinfectant wipes.


Zoom whitening- sparkling smile in 30 minutes.
Soft tissue laser- stitchless & bloodless gum surgeries.
Clear aligners (invisible braces)
Smile designing (laminates, veneer, zirconia)
Tooth jewellery – they add extra sparkle to your smile.