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Dentem- Best Dental Clinic In New Delhi

Dentem is one of the best dental clinics in New Delhi. Dentem Collaborative assures an overall personalized dental experience through its internationally trained team for dental treatment in Delhi, world-class dental equipment and technology and patient-focused treatment plans.
The Dental and Orthodontic Clinic was founded 17 years ago by Drs. Tanveer Singh and Dr. (Mrs) Gunitha Singh. The Dentem Center "has been serving you for 17 years." Leading range of Dental and Orthodontic Clinics in Delhi with world class dental treatment in Delhi. At Dentem, we focus on providing a complete dental experience with Total Dental Solutions.

Best dental treatment in Delhi

Dentem – The Dental & Orthodontic Clinic founded by Dr. Tanvir Singh & Dr.(Mrs) Gunita Singh, 20 years back. Dentem is the leading chain of Dental and Orthodontic Clinic in Delhi with best dental facilities. They provide the best dental treatment in Delhi.

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Best dentist in New Delhi

Dr. Gunita Singh is a Cosmetic and Laser dental surgeon for 20 years. She is the best dentist in New Delhi..She specializes in Smile design and focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry with the latest technologies & equipment.

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Best Orthodontist in New Delhi

Dr. Tanvir Singh has an experience of 20 years and is currently vice principal in a dental college and has numerous research publications in various Indian and international journals. He is the best dentist in New Delhi with orthodontic specialisation.

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Dr. Tanvir Singh is an orthodontist. He specializes in making the teeth straight. Orthodontists are the one who give perfect alignment to your teeth. Orthodontics includes metal braces , ceramic braces , self ligating braces , Invisalign for proper alignment of teeth.


Esthetic restorations give you a more natural-looking smile and improve your teeth’s natural beauty and strength. Cosmetic dentistry is a newly popular field in the market today amongst young adults as it gives a beautiful smile.


Periodontics is related to gums and gingiva. We have a proper cure for gingivitis,periodontitis.
Periodontists cure your inflamed gingiva and periodontium by scaling, root planing, curettage etc.


Dental implants are replicas of natural teeth morphologically . Dental implants are secured in the jawbone and are not visible once surgically placed. Dentem provides affordable and long lasting implants for your missing tooth.



Dr. Tanvir Singh & Dr.(Mrs) Gunita Singh, 20 years back. Dentem Center ``Serving You Since 20 Yrs.”
Dentem has experienced , highly educated dentists.


We ensure our patients get the best treatment and care at an affordable price. We know dentistry is a costly affair but we provide financially affordable treatment to our patients.


You can book your appointment easily and we provide emergency services. We are 24* 7 available for you. You just need to call or book your appointment online .


We are friendly and welcoming toward our patients.
Our doctors are friendliest and knowledgeable in the town. We ensure best care to our patients.

Feedback From Happy Patients

Dentem is the best clinic for dental treatment in Delhi.We'll get to the root of any problem. At our dental clinic, we strive to provide impeccable dental care to each and everyone, regardless of financial circumstances.
Dr. Tanvir Singh & Dr.(Mrs) Gunita Singh founded Dentem 20 years back. They are the best dentist in New Delhi. Doctors of Dentem are knowledgeable and friendly.
Dentem is the best dental clinic in New Delhi.Our philosophy, our ability to listen and our attention to detail will make your visit at the dentist an experience that is sure to live up to your expectations. Dentem provides quality care and best treatment to the patients. They have the best equipment and dentists in town.

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