At the outset, I was most impressed with Dr Tanvir's adherence to Covid-19 preventive measures. Even before entering the clinic, I was vetted for fever. His clinic was sanitised daily. I was promptly issued foot coverings at the clinic so I wouldn't contaminate other areas. Dr Tanvir was fully PPE-suited when he examined me. Then I realised each patient was treated in different examination rooms and a room was only re-used after it was re-sanitised. Needless to say the dental professionalism of his team is under-rated but kudos also to the effort Dr Tanvir executed to protect his patients and staff from Covid-19 infection.

Col wafula

Defence attaché, Kenya high commission

We visited Dentem Dental and Orthodentic Clinic on 11th June 2020, being the first Dental Clinic to visit since we arrived in India. Being within the COVID-19 pandemic period, we were very wary of our safety but the dental problem for my wife Agnes was very compelling, so we decided to visit few dental clinics to assess safety concerns before making the decision. We began with Dentem Clinic and our first experience was very good. The staff and Doctors were very warm, welcoming and looked very professional. They made us feel comfortable very fast that we immediately lost interest in continuing the search. Once we had decided to commence treatment, things went very smoothly from then. We would give10 out of 10 for the perfect work done...tooth extractions/implants. The dentist/surgeons took great care, making sure the procedures were extremely gentle. Their professionalism convinced us to bring our young kid for braces and we're happy and satisfied with their work. Although we're still continuing with the treatment for Agnes and our son Jerry, we are very hopeful that they will be safe, thanks to the professionalism of Dentem Clinic. THANK YOU

Nidhi Agarwal

A block RWA rep

During these tough pandemic times I was impressed by all the precautions taken by Dentem centre. Which is run by Dr Gunita Singh and Dr Tanveer Singh. They had sanitised the whole place and all the staff was following proper protocol. Even I was given a PPE kit to protect me.Seeing this All my apprehensions were put to rest . I got my treatment with safety. Thanks Doctors for taking such good care of me.

Gurleen Kaur

MD (Internal Medicine) (USA)

I had the opportunity to visit The Dentem Dental Clinic , Vasant Vihar for my daughter's orthodontic treatment, during the ongoing Covid pandemic. I was extremely impressed by the strict protocol of hygiene including intensive sanitisation, PPE kits as well as 3M respirator masks worn by the dentists. Any apprehensions are immediately allayed.


Thank you Dr. Tanvir & Gunita .you took great care of my teeth, my fear and my pains, you have now become my friends and shell recommend to everyone I know I had no idea that dentistry could be painless.!


"The nicotine was making me dead, inside and out. Now I feel free, vibrant, energetic, focused, and so alive!


When the nerve inside your tooth is infected – whether caused by injury, a deep cavity that reaches the pulp (i.e. the nerve), an abscess, etc. – a successful root canal allows you to keep your tooth rather than have it extracted.


Dr. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Gunita are my family’s favourite doctors. Highly efficient both are extremely gentle as dentists. I would like to put it in an interesting way. ”Some pains are physical and some are mental But which is both are Dental.” But I would Say for Dr. Tanvir and Dr.Gunita is that they have proved the above wrong. In fact, they make it a very pleasant visit to them.


I got an excellent orthodontic treatment done from the eminent orthodontist Dr Tanvir Singh Thanks to him, I got a pleasing smile... Sachiko Sakai From Japan.


I would like to appreciate the efforts made by Dr. Shivani and her team who were involve in the surgery of my two wisdom teeth. In the beginning I was afraid due to my diabetic and BP problem but she assumed me for the treatment.I am thankful to all staff of Dentem under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs) Gunita Singh for my treatment.


I got an excellent orthodontic treatment done from the eminent orthodontist Dr Tanvir Singh Thanks to him, I got a pleasing smile.


I am very happy after getting treatment thanks dr Tanvir & dr Gunita.


For me surgery was recommended by almost all dentists but Dr. Tanvir treated my dental problem without surgery and pain and corrected it with perfection. Dr Gunita is a caring and a passionate dentist, both the dentists are highly experienced and I will always be grateful to them because I can smile without hesitation.