Oral and maxillofacial in Delhi


Oral surgery is the surgical field which involves various kinds of surgeries for example simple extraction, surgical extraction (removal of cyst), pre-prosthetic and reconstructive surgeries, dento- alveolar and implant surgeries, treatment of maxillofacial trauma, and treatment of maxillofacial pathologies and infections, reconstruction of maxillofacial region, treatment of mandibular joint diseases, orthogenetic surgeries and facial aesthetic surgeries.

 The most common type of treatment are explained as below:

Oral and maxillofacial in Delhi
  1. SIMPLE EXTRACTION: The extraction procedure involves the removal of the tooth or root of the tooth after giving the anesthesia in that particular area. Consequently, it is followed by the placement of the sutures in required cases (profuse bleeding cases).
  2. SURGICAL EXTRACTION: After injecting the local anesthesia in the area of tooth removal, incision is given with the different types of blades according to the suitable area. Then, the flap is raised and bone is removed with the help of surgical burs in order to ease the removal of the tooth. In these types of cases, suturing plays an important role in normal healing.
  3. DENTOALVEOLAR AND IMPLANT SURGERIES: Nowadays, implant is a fascinating option for the patient in order to restore the extracted tooth. The titanium screw is fitted inside the bone through the flapless surgeries. Then, it is advisable for the patient to wait for three months in case of mandible and for six months in case of maxilla, for the final placement of the crown. With these types of surgeries RCT of the adjacent teeth can be prevented which previously was used for making the bridge.
  4. MANAGEMENT OF MAXILLOFACIAL TRAUMA: The fracture of the mandible is more common than the zygomatic and nasal fracture. According to the type and sensitivity of the trauma two main types of treatment is followed at the DENTEM, which are:
  5. Closed reduction
  6. Open reduction and internal fixation,

For the internal fixation, titanium plates or stainless steel plates are used mainly to increase the stabilization of the fracture.

Reconstruction plates are also used in patient where there is removal of one part of the bone.


  1. It is a painless and a comfortable process for the patient.
  2. Post-operative instructions after the surgery, otherwise the whole surgical process may fail.
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